Massage therapy


A la carte

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Swedish massage

À la carte massage $105.00

Composed of several maneuvers applied to muscle mass and muscle tendons, it dissolves muscle tension and relieves pain, improves blood circulation, makes muscles more flexible, improves sleep and promotes relaxation.

Californian massage

À la carte massage $105.00

Often referred to as a relaxing massage, this type of oil massage is based on fluid, continuous and enveloping movements. In addition to long touches and kneading, there are gliding movements that, if necessary, can act deep in your tissues to relieve tension. Particularly suitable for stressed people, it increases body awareness to allow reaching a state of openness, relaxation and abandonment.

Reflexology massage

À la carte massage $115.00

Reflexology is a reflex massage technique practiced mainly on the feet, but can also occasionally be practiced on the head and hands. This approach assumes that each organ is projected at a specific location at the extremities of the body, following a different network from that of the meridians. Sustained pressure of the thumbs on the feet, followed by slow rotations on sensitive areas, improves blood and lymph circulation to the corresponding organ, promoting regeneration. Preventive and therapeutic, this massage produces analgesic and relaxing effects.

Shiatsu massage

À la carte massage $115.00

Can be done over clothes or directly on the skin without oil. This type of massage aims to harmonize your energy system. Using pressure from the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows and sometimes even the feet, the massage therapist focuses on the meridians and acupuncture points located under your skin or in your muscles. Particularly interesting for anyone who works intensely with their body, this approach is also suitable for people who lack energy or experience high levels of stress.

Signature hot stone massage

À la carte massage $155.00

Package supplement $45.00

Promotes energy rocking, muscle relaxation and calming of the nervous system.

Signature massage (1H30)

À la carte massage $150.00

Package supplement $70.00

Promotes energy rocking, muscle relaxation and calming of the nervous system.

Signature four-hand massage (1H00)

À la carte massage $170.00

Package supplement $85.00

See description of Swedish massage.

Massage suitable for pregnant women

À la carte massage $115.00

From 3 months of pregnancy

Adapted to the different physiological changes undergone by the woman during pregnancy, this massage is gentle and very enveloping. The massage relieves certain discomforts and provides many benefits such as:

– promotes better circulation;

– accelerates post-partum recovery;

– relieves pain caused by muscular imbalances

Reiki massage

À la carte massage $115.00

It is a therapy used to replenish a more balanced flow of energy throughout the body. It provides deep relaxation, increases personal growth by plugging into the personal flow of energy, offering the body what is appropriate for it.

Lymphatic drainage (1H20)

À la carte massage $135.00

Package supplement $45.00

Thanks to precise and rhythmic movements, exercised gently on the skin (connective tissues). Drainage primarily strengthens the immune system by draining lymph fluid onto lymphatic circuits and lymph nodes. This action promotes a better elimination of toxins, a significant reduction of edema, helps prevent and improve stress and cellulite.

Robotic massage experience (45 mins)

À la carte massage $75.00

The robotic massage experience offers a unique blend of relaxation and technology, combining the soothing benefits of traditional massage with the innovation of automated movements.

Brush massage (45 mins)

À la carte massage $90.00

Improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite, anti-stress treatment.

Facial care


A la carte


Micro Dermabrasion (45 mins)

À LA CARTE $105.00

For smoother, healthy-looking, luminous skin. Consists of a deep exfoliation of the superficial layer of the skin thanks to the Dermapod technology, fine microcrystals are gently propelled to the surface of the skin for sun-damaged skin, skin aging, wrinkles and fine lines, spots, blackheads and blackheads, enlarged pores, granular skin.

Micro Dermabrasion combined with facial (1h15)

À LA CARTE $125.00


Facial cleansing, mask and cream.

Classic Facial (1h)

À LA CARTE $90.00

Complete facial cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage and mask

Signature Facial (1h15)

À LA CARTE $130.00


It all depends on your skin type.

Body and Face DXtwin (1h15)

À LA CARTE $130.00


The DXtwin, the latest STARVAC innovation,

2 choices:

Aesthetic protocols:

Cellulite, disappearance of orange peel and refinement of the silhouette

Stretch marks, improved appearance and disappearance of pink stretch marks

Heavy legs, drainage and soothing the feeling of heaviness

Relaxation, relaxation of muscles and disappearance of tension

Neckline, tightening of the chest and smoothing of rough edges

Face, detoxification, toning and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Therapeutic protocols:

Rheumatology, soothing and treatment of inflammatory pain

Vascular, revival of the lymphatic and blood circulatory system

Edema, drainage of excess fluids

Hematoma, drainage of the blood bag

Burns and scars, release of adhesions and improvement of appearance

Tendonitis and sprain, lifting pain

Body aches and recovery of the athlete, elimination of toxins


Our center has everything you need to perform skin rejuvenation care. In addition to our know-how, we use a device of latest innovation STARVAC: the DXtwin. It allows us to carry out an effective work in the treatment of the body and face.

We help you get rid of cellulite (orange peel effect), stretch marks and heavy legs.

Thanks to a specific approach, we promote the relaxation of muscles, the disappearance of tensions, the tightening of the chest, the smoothing of roughness and the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

Our treatments are without side effects and without pain.


In order to relieve or treat certain pains, we offer various treatments. We take care of:

  • Rheumatology: soothing and treatment of inflammatory pain.
  • Vascular problems: improved blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Oedema: drainage of excess fluids.
  • Hematomas: drainage of the blood bag.
  • Burns and scars: release of adhesions and improvement of aesthetics.
  • Tendonitis and sprains: pain relief.
  • Muscle aches: recovery of the athlete and elimination of toxins.

Our treatments are without side effects and without pain.

Sculpting, regenerating and stimulating are our watchwords.