Skin Rejuvenation Body & Face by DXtwin 2017-11-06T15:27:54-04:00


The DXtwin, lastest STARVAC innovation system, is a major and indispensable asset for body and facial treatments. The new patented accessories enable efficient work in the depth of the dermis while stimulating cellular structure.

The advanced technology of DXtwin is the first depresso therapy device to offer a perfect control of the connective tissue; the skin is thus well respected for being even more beautiful!

Skin Rejuvenation Body & Face by DXtwin



  • Cellulite, disappearance of the orange peel and refinement of the silhouette
  • Stretch Marks, improve the appearance and disappearance of the pink stretch marks
  • Heavy Legs, drainage and calming feeling of heaviness
  • Relaxation, muscle relaxation and elimination of tensions
  • Cleavage, tightening of the chest and smoothing rough edges
  • Face, detoxification, toning and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles


  • Rhumatology, healing and treatment of inflammatory pain
  • Vascular,revival of lymphatic and blood circulatory system
  • Edema, drainage of excess fluids
  • Hematoma, drain the blood bag
  • Burns and Scars, release of adhesions and improving the appearance
  • Tendonitis and Sprains, lifting of pain
  • Aches and Recovery of the Sportsman, eliminate toxins


No side effects and no pain!