DXtwin Rejuvenation Cure (Give your body a healthy glow!)

Complete your beauty treatment

OFFER: 10 DXtwin Starvac sessions for only $ 950!

DXtwin for body (1 hour).

Perfect result in slimming and body contouring, firming. No pain, no danger of burning and no side effects.

Included with each session:
• 2-hour access to the Spa facilities with every visit.

• Value $ 1,300

Treatment only for the face  (30 minutes) anti-âging for 450.00$ (10 sessions)




The DXtwin latest innovation:
Cellulite disappearance of the orange peel and refinement of the silhouette
Stretch marks, improving the appearance and disappearance of pinkish stretch marks
Heavy legs, drainage and calming sensation of heaviness
Relaxation, muscle relaxation and elimination of tensions
Cleavage, breast firming and smoothing asperities
Face, detoxification, toning and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Therapeutic protocols:
Rheumatology, healing and treatment of inflammatory pain
Vascular, lymphatic stimulus circulatory system and blood
Swelling, drainage of excess fluids
Hematoma, drainage of the blood bag
Burns and scars, adhesions release and improved appearance
Tendonitis and sprains, lifting of pain
Aches and athlete recovery, elimination of toxins

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