Gift certificate 

The perfect gift for a loved one, whether for Christmas, a birthday or any other special occasion.

By offering a Euro-Spa gift certificate, you will allow the person receiving it to choose the package, services or treatments that best suit him/her. As everyone needs to be pampered a little and especially to relax, by offering this gift you are sure to please.

To buy your gift certificate or the fastest option, using the form below. Monetary value only. Contatct us for the purchase of any other package.

Once you have completed the form, press the "Pay Now PayPal" button and you will be automatically redirected to the fully secure PayPal site. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply enter your credit card information without having to create a PayPal account.

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Don't worry, because PayPal is the largest online payment provider and their site is 100% secure.

When your payment is confirmed to us by PayPal, we will send the gift certificate to the address entered in the form in step "3 - Gift certificate delivery address".

You will also receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal and an email containing the information entered in the form.

Relaxation centre Estrie

** Les certificat cadeaux avec une valeur sont applicable sur tout. 

1 - Who is buying the gift certificate?

Please enter the information of the person who is purchasing the gift certificate.

Name of the buyer*

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Buyer's address *

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Buyer's phone number *

If we have any questions or if there is a problem with your order, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Buyer's email*

2 - Who is the gift certificate for?

Please enter the information of the person who will receive the gift certificate.

Name of the person for whom the gift certificate is intended*

3 - Delivery address of the gift certificate

Please enter the delivery address where the gift certificate will be sent.

Enter a new delivery address *

4 - Amount of the gift certificate

Gift certificate amount*

The amount is in Canadian dollars All you have to do is enter the number without the dollar sign ( $). Example: 100

5 - Comments or special instructions

If you have any questions, comments or special instructions for your gift certificate purchase, please let us know by using this text box. You can also contact us directly by phone at 450.248.0666 or toll-free at 1.800.416.0666.

6 - Verification and payment

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