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Our spa facilities, sauna, swinning pool

is offer  Monday to Sunday.


 Package with treatment is offer Monday to Saturday only.

Massotherapy and esthetic treatment available Monday to Saturday.


The dinning room Bistro Missisquoi and the accomodation

Lunch buffet every day 

Table d'hôte during the week at 6pm with reservation


 As well the Thailandais menu take-out

is available Wednesday to Saturday.




COVID-19: We ask you to bring your own water bottle as well as a padlock (for those without an overnight stay).


Wearing a mask is mandatory. Further instructions will be given when you book your reservation. Thank you for understanding.


Spa massage Estrie
Spa massage Estrie


Spa massage Estrie


The perfect place for your weeding


Complete your beauty treatment

OFFER: 10 DXtwin Starvac sessions for only $950 !

Body treatments (1 hour).

Perfect slimming, body contouring and toning results. Painless, no risk of burning and no side effects.

Included with each session :

2-hour access to spa facilities

Worth $1300

DXtwin anti-aging face treatment (10 sessions for $450.00)

DXtwin Rejuvenation Cure (Give your body a healthy glow!)

Relaxation centre Estrie


Dr. Hauschka (Contact us for more information).

Relaxation centre Montérégie

DXtwin latest innovation:

  • Cellulite, loss of the orange peel skin and silhouette refinement
  • Stretch marks, aspect improvement and disappearance of pink stretch marks
  • Heavy Legs, drainage and soothing of the heavy sensation
  • Relaxation, muscle relaxation and elimination of tensions
  • Cleavage, chest toning and smoothing of rough patches
  • Face, detoxification, toning and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles


Therapeutic procedures:


  • Rheumatology: soothing and treatment of inflammatory pain
  • Vascular: revitalization of the lymphatic and blood circulatory system
  • Edema: drainage of excess fluids
  • Hematoma: drainage of excess blood that's outside the blood vessels
  • Burns and scars: improvement of the skin esthetically.
  • Tendonitis and sprains: pain relief
  • Body aches and recovery after exercise: elimination of toxins
Skin rejuvenation Montérégie

1/2 day Regular package

5-hour stay (10am to 3pm OR 11h30am to 5pm)


  • Spa access
  • Lunch buffet 
  • $55 per person (Monday to Friday)
  • $75 per person (Saturday and Sunday) 10am to 3pm
Thermal cure Quebec

RELAX PASSPORT (10 two-hour spa sessions)

  • 10 sessions of (2)-hour access to the spa facilities for only $145. 
  • Get 10% off any regular price treatment with this pass !

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